The iPhone 5 has been released! Now you have a choice to make, which network?


Well here is a quick round-up to try and make the decision a bit easier. I will update this if there are any changes.



T-mobile seems to have the best offer at the minute. They are offering their Full Monty tariffs, that gives you unlimited calls, texts and data.

£41 a month will get you an iPhone 5 for £49, with the unlimited data and texts, £46 a month will get you the iPhone 5 for £29, and for £61 a month, you can get a free iPhone 5.



Orange are offering the same as T-mobile with the only difference being that they only give you 2GB of data a month, and the prices for the iPhone are a little cheaper. £36 a month you can get it for £109, £41 a month, for £29 and you can get a free iPhone 5 if you chose the £46 tariff.

You also have to remember you do get benefits from being an Orange customer, like the 2 for 1 cinema tickets on a Wednesday.



O2 seem to have one of the worst deals this year, which is suprising as they were the main providers when the iPhone was first released! They are only offering 1GB of data with their tariffs, maybe this is to keep high data users off their network? No one knows. They are also having trouble with the 4G aspect. Apparently the iPhone can’t support the 800MHz and 2.6GHz spectrum. Maybe apple will cater for this later in the year, but for now it’s not looking good for O2, even though they have always been my first choice!

I hope this has helped you out.



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