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The new MacBook features the latest Intel Core 2 Duo processors, larger hard drives, and up to 2GB of memory standard.

A mere 1.08 inches thin and weighing only 5.0 pounds, MacBook cuts a slim profile on any desk (or in any backpack or briefcase). And since MacBook is sure to become your constant companion, a durable polycarbonate shell keeps it ready for the rough and tumble of everyday life.

Impressive? Well I know how you can get one of these for free!

Ok, your thinking…whats the catch? The answer to that is…there isn’t one!


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Check out this forum post. He received his FREE Macbook within one month of signing up to this website!

Simply sign upto FreebieJeebies by clicking on any of the images on this page and complete one of the offers (free) then read the rest of this website for information!

How Do I Get My Free Mac Book or Mac Book Air?


1. Sign upto the the free Mac Book website by clicking here

2. Complete one of the offers available on the website.

The most popular FREE offer is the Walmart offer!
Sign up for the totally FREE 14 day trial and also receive a free $25 Walmart voucher! Click here for more information on the offer and from the company.

This is one for the UK visitors, it used to be a firm favourite, and now its back! Everyone has heard of Lovefilm, i use it myself, i love it!

Sign up for one of the rental packages, there is currently an offer on where you get your first month free. Rent unlimited DVD’s, with no late fee’s, you can even rent games for your Playstation and XBox’s, again, with no late fee’s!

Like to play Games? Why not do the WorldWinner offer? You need to deposit $10 and play at least 3 games to be accepted. These are cash games and you might even win money back! Great fun! (you can also use paypal with this offer)

These are only a few of the offers available, sign up to freebiejeebies and take a look at their offers page, its totally free to sign up, and you dont need a credit card, you just chose a username and password!

3. Send your referral link to your friends and family.

Remember we are currently running a limited offer where you can advertise your referral link on this very website for free!! Just complete an offer and send us your link. This WILL get you some referrals! So you have nothing to lose! Sign up for you FREE MACBOOK now!! Click here for more info.


Click Here to read the FULL FREEBIE GUIDE



How can they give away free iPhone and free macbooks?

How can these websites afford to give us free MacBooks?

When you complete one of the offers on the website, the company you signed up to will give the free macbook website commission for referring a potential customer. The free Macbook website will then use that commission to buy your free Macbook.

View my Freebies Journey

I have started a blog to guide you guys and girls though my freebie process. Take a look.


I did a little test to see if these websites actually worked and there’s proof in my blog.

I made a custom order on the Apple website for a TomTom One. It arrived a week later.

You can get a custom order for anything you want! An Xbox360, a PS3 or a TomTom like me.

Heres another…

free iphone proof

I received my free iphone on the 2nd May 2009. Click Here to see the screen shot of my account when I clicked order.


I received my free iPod nano on the 1st April 2009.

free apple mac mini

Heres the photo of my Free Mac mini. I received it on the 10th June 2009

I havent updated this website in a while as I have been busy, But during the last year I have mostly been cashing in my greens and receiving bank transfers. I have received around £300 cash. I have also received a few more freebies, shown below.

I didn’t order anything for a while as I have been saving my greens for the new iPhone 4G, I finally received my Free Iphone 4G a few weeks ago.

Free iPhone 4g proof

Here’s another to add to my collection, this came today! It was 16 referals.

I Want a free macbook!? I bet you do too. Find out how you can do this in 3 easy steps! Proof videos inside!

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I was bored one day and I came across a forum called exceem, and I couldn\\\'t believe my eye\\\'s, these people were getting thousands of dollars worth of stuff for FREE! I had to get on the freebie bandwagon and haven\\\'t looked back since! Its such a good feeling, logging in to your account and seeing that you have one more completed referral, and your one more step closer to your chosen freebie! I hope you enjoy looking through my blog and I hope it helps you be as successful as me! Enjoy :)

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